Onboarding Overview
Onboarding Overview

Onboarding Overview

Welcome to Whalesync! This guide includes a quick overview and tips to help get you onboard. If you haven't already, feel free to book a time on our calendar!


Summary 1. Whalesync helps you create a sync between Airtable and Webflow 2. We'll walk you through setup on a Zoom call 3. Pre-call please prep the Webflow CMS and Airtable Base you want to sync 4. After the call you can chat with us any time by joining our Slack community

Onboarding Overview

About Whalesync

We're on a mission to enable everyone to build beautiful, production-level software.

Whalesync enables you to use Airtable as a backend for your Webflow site by creating a sync. In a few simple steps, we link your Airtable and Webflow data, so you can manage your data wherever you choose. Say goodbye to crazy 10-step Zapier workflows forever 👋.


Onboarding Journey

In just a few quick steps, you'll be up and running with Whalesync!


  1. Sign up for our waitlist at whalesync.com
  2. Once you're off the waitlist, book a time on our calendar for onboarding
  3. Over a quick call, we'll get your sync going covering the steps in Setting Up Whalesync
  4. Enjoy the bliss that is a simple sync between Airtable and Webflow 🧘
  5. Join the Whalesync Pioneers community to chat directly with the team and other no-code innovators

Prep for the Onboarding Call

During the onboarding call we'll help set up your first sync between Airtable and Webflow. To save a few minutes, take a look at our

in advance of the call.

Setting Up Whalesync

Next Steps

Continue on to

for a step-by-step setup guide.