Setting Up Whalesync
Setting Up Whalesync

Setting Up Whalesync

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Setting Up Whalesync


Getting started with Whalesync is pretty simple. This short guide walks through each of the steps to setup a sync between Webflow and Airtable.

For a step-by-step walkthrough you can follow along in Tango. If Loom videos are more your speed keep reading :).

Connecting Webflow

To connect Webflow, we'll need to generate an API Key in your Site Settings... I promise it's easier than it sounds :)

Webflow has instructions on their site, but you can also follow along in the video below:

Correctly pasted in Webflow API Access token
Correctly pasted in Webflow API Access token

Connecting Airtable

Similar to setting up Webflow, we'll just need to quickly grab a few pieces of information from Airtable:

  1. Get your Airtable API Key
  2. How-to get your Airtable API Key

  3. Get your Base Sharing Link
  4. How-to get your Airtable Base Sharing Link

  5. Paste into Whalesync
  6. Correctly pasted in Airtable API Key and Base Sharing Link
    Correctly pasted in Airtable API Key and Base Sharing Link

Linking Tables

Now that Webflow and Airtable are connected you can choose the specific Webflow Collection and Airtable Table you want link together.

Linked tables
Linked tables

Mapping Fields

Almost there! As a final step, you can now map the fields you want to keep in sync.

Mapped fields
Mapped fields

Setup complete! 🎉 You're now able to turn your sync ON whenever you choose.

Turning Sync Off

If you ever need to turn a sync OFF or just pause it temporarily you can toggle that directly on the base:

Toggle sync ON and OFF

Finally, if you ever have any questions about the best way to configure your base we're here to help! Slack us or grab a time on our calendar whenever is best for you.

Post Setup

Community & Support

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