Sync Airtable & Bubble

Quick walk-through to connect Airtable and Bubble

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Click on Create New

2. Choose Airtable

3. Click on Authorize

5. Click add a base

6. Grant access on your Airtable base

7. Click on Save Connection

8. Choose Bubble

9. Click on Authorize

10. Get your bubble API key and Data API root URL

11. Go to the API tab on Settings

12. Enable Data API

IMPORTANT! Check that you're looking at the "Live" version of your API settings because there is a different Data API URL (containing "/version-test") for the "Development" version.

13. Copy API key

14. Copy Data API root URL

15. Paste API key and Data API root URL

16. Click on Authorize

17. Click on Save Connection

18. Click on Map Tables

19. Click on Map Fields

20. Add the Fields that you want to sync

21. Save your Base

22. Turn syncing on

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