Webflow status field

Control the status of a Webflow item via a field in other apps

About Webflow Status field

Webflow lets you control the status of an item by marking it as either Published, Draft, or Archived. With our Webflow Status field sync, you can now control that state from apps like Airtable or Notion.

For example, if you manage your blog content in Notion, you can now control whether those blog posts are live or in draft from within Notion.

Using the Webflow Status field may reduce sync speed by a few seconds per record.

How to set up the Webflow Status field

  1. Add a single-select field to your Airtable or Notion table and title it "Webflow Status"

  2. Make sure it has exactly these three options:

    1. "Archived"

    2. "Draft"

    3. "Active"

  3. In Whalesync, map that field to Webflow's "Webflow Status" field

    1. If adding this field to an existing base, make sure to initialize the data from Webflow (see screenshot below)

Airtable lets you set a default value for single select fields so you can, for example, set a default value of 'Draft'. *Note - if no default value is set and the value is empty in this field, the behavior will default to 'Published'.

"Active" vs. "Published"

In Webflow, you can make an item "Published" as well as "Staged for Publish". When an item is "Staged for Publish" it means it will become published next time you publish your Webflow site.

With our Webflow Status field, both "Published" and "Staged for Publish" are captured by the option "Active".


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