Webflow Memberships sync

Sync users from Webflow into other apps

Webflow's Memberships feature lets you manage users in your Webflow site.

Whalesync supports syncing members through the "User accounts" table.

Supported Fields


Access groups

✖️ Not Yet

☑️ Accept privacy

✅ Supported

☑️ Accept communications

✅ Supported

✉️ Email

✅ Supported (Write-Once)

☑️ Email Verified

➡️ Supported (1-way)

📅 Last Login

➡️ Supported (1-way)

📝 Name

✅ Supported

🔽 Status

➡️ Supported (1-way)

🆔 Webflow Record ID

➡️ Supported (1-way)

Not Yet Supported

Webflow Memberships is a relatively new feature with a relatively new API. Due to this, there are certain features we cannot support yet.

  1. We do not yet support custom fields.

  2. We do not yet support mapping the Access Groups table.

Creating Users

Whalesync allows you to create new users in Webflow Memberships from other apps (e.g. Airtable). Note - the email field is a "write-once" field. See our docs on creating users for more details:

Creating users via Whalesync


If you're syncing Webflow users with Airtable, you can copy our free Airtable template which includes all available fields:

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