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Airtable view sync

Whalesync supports syncing Airtable views! Note - you can't use Airtable view sync and two-way sync at the same time. See our guide for more details:

Airtable x Webflow

The classic combo! Use Airtable as a database to power your Webflow site.

Airtable x Postgres

Build internal tools on top of your production data by connecting Airtable to any Postgres database.

Airtable x Airtable

Airtable offers a "sync" feature in their product that lets you sync data from one Airtable base to another. Whalesync goes beyond that with real-time, two-way sync between two Airtable bases.

Airtable x Notion

Connect an Airtable base with a Notion database for seamless sync between two no-code giants.

Airtable x Bubble

Create an internal tool that interacts with your Bubble app.

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