Quick start
Set up your first sync in <5 minutes
Seeing data sync instantly across your tools is an exhilarating feeling. With Whalesync, you can connect apps and start syncing in under five minutes. Here's how:

From the Dashboard, select "Create New Base" to kick off the setup flow.

Choose the first app you want to sync and click "Authorize". For apps like Airtable, you'll need to copy and paste an API key. For apps like Webflow, you can just sign-in.
If you're unsure where to find your API Keys, use the "click to get your API Key" link on each page.

Map the tables in your first app to the tables in your second app by by selecting them from the dropdown.
If your table names match exactly, Whalesync will auto-map them for you to save time.

Now that you've mapped the tables, let's do the same for each of the fields you want to sync.
Field names do not have to match. Field types do need to be compatible. Check supported fields in each connector for more details.

Woo hoo! That's it. Toggle sync on and within seconds you should see data begin syncing.
After turning sync on, you can check the Issues page to see any sync errors from your connected apps.
As you set up your first sync, don't forget to consult the setup checklist
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Step 2: Connect Your Apps
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