Supported Fields


✉️ Email

✅ Supported

📝 Login redirect

✅ Supported

☑️ Permissions

✅ Supported

🆔 Plan IDs

✅ Supported

🗃️ Custom fields

✅ Supported

🗃️ Metadata

✅ Supported (as JSON)

🆔 Memberstack record ID

➡️ Supported (1-Way)

🕠 Created at

➡️ Supported (1-Way)

🕠 Last login

➡️ Supported (1-Way)

🗃️ Plans Data

➡️ Supported (1-Way)

☑️ Verified

➡️ Supported (1-Way)

󠁻󠁻☐ JSON

✖️ Not Yet

Things to Keep in Mind

Creating a new user via sync, will auto-generate a password in Memberstack

Whalesync allows you to create new Memberstack members from a synced app. For example, you can create a new member from Airtable 🎉.

When creating a new member in Airtable, Whalesync auto-generates a password for that Member. That new member will need to reset their password to log in.

To sync custom fields, you will need to create a member in Memberstack with the email "" with values in custom fields.

See 👇for more details

pageMemberstack custom fields

If syncing Memberstack and Airtable, we default to a 10-second sync delay from Airtable to Memberstack

See 👇for more details

pageCreating users via Whalesync

Metadata fields sync as JSON

We support 2-way syncing of Memberstack Metadata fields as JSON blobs. You can edit the data in those fields as long as they retain the correct JSON format.


Copy our Airtable or Notion templates to instantly have a table set up to sync with Memberstack:

Airtable Template

Notion Template

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