How to change your sign-in

Steps to go from Google login to a password or change your email altogether

How to Change from Google Sign-In to Email/Password Sign-in

1. Go to

2. Click on Login

3. Click on Forgot your password?

4. Enter your email address and click on Send reset password instructions

5. Whalesync will send you an email right away for a password reset.

6. Click 'Change Password', this will redirect you to Whalesync's change password page

7. Type in your new password

8. Save your Password and you're done!🎉

How to change your Whalesync account email address

In order to change the email address of your Whalesync account we will need to process an account transfer. To kick that off:

  1. Go to

  2. Sign up to a new whalesync account with the new email address that you want to use

    a. No need for a paid account, just sign up will do

  3. Reach out to the Whalesync team with your existing email and the new one you would like to transfer to

    a. We'll handle the rest

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