How to find get your Postgres connection URI when using Basedash

Step 1: Find your database

Navigate to the Basedash Connections page. In the left panel, scroll down to the bottom to see your databases. Click on the gear icon of the database you want to connect:

Click "Manage credentials":

Step 2: Construct the connection URI

On the "Manage credentials" page, you should see a "SQL connection overview" section:

Construct the connection URI with the above fields and replace YOUR_PASSWORD with the correct password. Using the example values above, the connection URI would look like this:


This is the string you will paste into the Whalesync Postgres connection dialog:


Note that Whalesync does not yet support:

  • Whitelisted IP addresses

  • Custom SSL/TLS certificates

If you need these to connect to your instance, please reach out and let us know.

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