What is Whalesync?

An introduction to our product and mission

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Whalesync is a no-code tool that makes it easy to sync data between all your apps.

In a few clicks, you can create a real-time, two-way sync without writing code.

This enables you to do things like:

  • Create thousands of programmatic SEO pages in Airtable & Webflow

  • Build internal tools with Airtable that update production data in Postgres

  • Collaborate across teams who use Airtable & Notion

  • Build powerful no-code apps with Airtable & Bubbe

With Whalesync you can:

Create a two-way sync between Airtable, Webflow, Notion, and more.

Use Airtable as a CMS for your Webflow site.

Airtable CMS

Create a source of truth across your apps.

Whalesync is different from tools like Zapier

Our goal is very specific: keep data in sync between different apps.

Workflow automation tools like Zapier solve a different problem: when something happens in one app, run a sequence of automations.

For more details on the breakdown, check out: How is Whalesync different from Zapier?

The best way to discover Whalesync is to try it

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