What is Whalesync?

An introduction to our product and mission

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Whalesync is a no-code tool that makes it easy to sync data between all your apps.
In a few clicks, you can create a real-time, two-way sync without writing code.
This enables you to do things like:
  • Create thousands of programmatic SEO pages in Airtable & Webflow
  • Build internal tools with Airtable that update production data in Postgres
  • Collaborate across teams who use Airtable & Notion
  • Build powerful no-code apps with Airtable & Bubbe

With Whalesync you can:

Create a two-way sync between Airtable, Webflow, Notion, and more.
Airtable table and Webflow collection syncing data between each other. The name field in Webflow updated by the name field in Airtable.
Use Airtable as a CMS for your Webflow site.
Create a source of truth across your apps.

Whalesync is different from tools like Zapier

Our goal is very specific: keep data in sync between different apps.
Workflow automation tools like Zapier solve a different problem: when something happens in one app, run a sequence of automations.
For more details on the breakdown, check out: How is Whalesync different from Zapier?

The best way to discover Whalesync is to try it

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