File hosting

Details about Whalesync file hosting


  • Whalesync hosts files and attachments that you sync

  • E.g. if you sync images in an Airtable attachment field, Whalesync hosts those images

  • This happens in the background so most Whalesync users don't need to think about it

  • Whalesync hosted files have a maximum size limit of 20 MB.

Detailed Description

On November 8, 2022, Airtable introduced file URLs that expire after about two hours.

Whalesync now takes care of file hosting for bases that sync from Airtable. If you created your Whalesync base after February 6, 2023, file hosting is automatically turned on. If your base was created before that, please reach out to and we can turn file hosting on for you.

File hosting ensures that URLs will remain valid when syncing files from Airtable. It supports any kind of file that can come from Airtable: images, text files, PDFs, etc. Files start with the address "" and will not expire, unless either of the following occurs:

  • The source and destination records that reference the file are deleted

  • You cancel your Whalesync subscription

Whalesync hosted files have a maximum size limit of 20 MB. Any files that were larger than that in Airtable will not be hosted by Whalesync and the original Airtable URL will be synced.

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