Two-way sync

Sync data bi-directionally between apps

Whalesync offers true two-way sync. Once set up, you can update data in either connected app and it will sync to the other in real-time.

When creating a new Whalesync base, two-way sync is easy to configure. Simply toggle the direction arrows to two-way:

Read-Only Fields

Two-way sync is not compatible with "read-only" field types

There are certain field types you cannot sync data into. For example, a formula field cannot be overwritten. We call these "read-only" field types and tag them in the setup flow:

If you map a read-only field and choose two-way sync, that read-only field will be one-way while the rest of your fields remain two-way.

Read-only field types:

  • Rich text

  • Formula

  • Lookup

  • Rollup

  • Count

  • Created Time

  • Last Modified Time

  • Autonumber


Two-way sync is not compatible with Airtable view sync If you are using Airtable view sync, you can only sync one way from Airtable to Webflow

Whalesync does not "merge" duplicate data when you first turn on two-way sync We suggest starting with either an empty Airtable table or an empty Webflow collection. After initialization, updates will sync in both directions. See below:

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