Creating users via Whalesync

How to create users thru a sync in apps like Memberstack or Webflow Memberships

About creating users

Whalesync supports syncing with memberships apps like Memberstack and Webflow Memberships. When syncing with these apps we allow you to create users.

For example, you can add a new user in Airtable and have that create a new member in Memberstack (🎉).

"Write-once" fields

  • The email field for membership apps like Memberstack is what's called a "write-once" field.

  • You can create new emails from both connected apps (e.g. Memberstack or Airtable)

  • But once an email has been created, it cannot be updated

If you try to update a "write-once" field, you'll get an issue like this:

"Please set the email address back from to"

Record sync delay

Write-once fields can normally cause issues if synced with an app like Airtable since Airtable saves every keystroke. The result can be sending a partial email to Memberstack (e.g. "john@gmai".

To avoid this issue, we default to a record sync delay of 30 seconds for these types of tables. See the record sync delay page for more details:

pageRecord sync delay

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