Supported Fields


🎨 Color

✅ Supported

📅 Date/Time

✅ Supported

✉️ Email

✅ Supported

📂 File

✅ Supported

🖼️ Image

✅ Supported

🆔 Item ID

➡️ Supported (1-Way)

🔗 Link

✅ Supported

🖼️ Multi-image

✅ Supported

🖇️ Multi-Reference

✅ Supported

#️⃣ Number

✅ Supported

🔽 Option

✅ Supported

📞 Phone

✅ Supported

📝 Plain text - single line

✅ Supported

📝 Plain text - multiple line

✅ Supported

🖇️ Reference

✅ Supported

📰 Rich text

✅ Supported

☑️ Switch

✅ Supported

📹 Video link

✅ Supported

Things to Keep in Mind

Republish your Webflow site

Webflow requires you to republish your Webflow site any time you make a change to the CMS (eg. add a new field to a collection) in order for syncing to work.

Publish to all domains

Webflow sites need to be published to all domains for syncing to work

Restoring from a backup

Webflow resets all item IDs if you restore your Webflow site from a backup. Since Whalesync uses those IDs to identify your records, restoring from a backup will break your Whalesyn configuration.

Webflow Status

You can control the status of Webflow items ("Published", "Draft", "Archived") using our Webflow Status field extension:

pageWebflow status field

Multi-reference fields

Whalesync supports multi-reference fields out of the box! See the guide below to ensure this is configured correctly:

pageReference fields

Memberships sync

Whalesync supports syncing Webflow's new Memberships (aka Users) table. See our docs:

pageWebflow Memberships sync

Webflow x Airtable

Use a powerful Airtable database to control your Webflow CMS

Webflow x Notion

Sync blog posts or other content from Notion to your Webflow CMS.

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