How to find get your Postgres connection URI when using Amazon Web Services RDS

Step 1: Find your database

Navigate to the AWS RDS dashboard. In the left panel you should see "Databases":

In this list, select your database:

Step 2: Construct the connection URI

On the main database page, you should have the "Connectivity & security" tab selected. Note the endpoint and port number:

Next under the "Configuration" tab, look up the username. You can also create a different user for Whalesync to connect, but for simplicity we'll use the master username:

The password was set when the database was originally created. Please ask whoever set up the database for the connection password.

Finally, construct the connection URI like this and replace YOUR_PASSWORD with the password:


This is the string you will paste into the Whalesync Postgres connection dialog:


Note that Whalesync does not yet support:

  • Whitelisted IP addresses

  • Custom SSL/TLS certificates

If you need these to connect to your instance, please reach out and let us know.

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