Webflow E-Commerce

Supported Collections

📦 Products
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#️ Variants
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🔽 Categories
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🎨 Product Options
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📂 Product Option Sets
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🏷️ Discounts
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🔢 Inventory
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💸 Orders
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💸 Subscriptions
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How to Set Up Webflow E-Comm

E-Commerce Specific Things to Keep in Mind

The "Products" collection in Webflow is split into four tables: 1. Products 2. Variants 3. Product Option Sets 4. Product Options
Webflow E-Commerce's "Products" table is really a series of small tables. When managing Webflow E-Comm products from other apps (e.g. Airtable), you'll need to sync Products as the four separate tables below:
You can edit Variants, Production Option Set, and Product Options in your other connector (e.g. Airtable) but you can't create new ones
You can’t currently create new Variants, Product Option Sets, or Product Options in your other connector (e.g. Airtable). If you try to create them, they won’t sync across).
You can create new Products though.
Products created in Airtable will sync to Webflow as "staged for publish"
Due to a limitation in Webflow's API, products created in Airtable will sync as "staged for publish" rather than "published".
You will need to republish Webflow (or each product individually) for them to appear on your live site.
Webflow forces you to recreate variants if you delete Product Options or Option Sets
After you delete Product Options (or Option Sets), Webflow will want to correspondingly adjust the set of variantss the next time you log in and open your Product in the Webflow Products table. It will give you a scarier-than-it-needs-to-be message saying that the variantss are corrupted, and offer to fix them. Click “Recreate variants”. As the message says, make sure the fields are set correctly after.

General Webflow - Things to Keep in Mind

See the "Things to Keep in Mind" section for Webflow: