Supported Fields

🖇️ Composite types
✅ Supported
🧑 Created by
➡️ Supported (1-Way)
🕠 Created date
➡️ Supported (1-Way)
📅 Date
✅ Supported
📅 Date interval
✖️ Not Yet
📅 Date range
✖️ Not Yet
📍Geographic address
✖️ Not Yet
📂 Image/file
✅ Supported
🕠 Modified date
➡️ Supported (1-Way)
#️⃣ Number
✅ Supported
#️⃣ Number interval
✖️ Not Yet
📝 Slug
➡️ Supported (1-Way)
📝 Text
✅ Supported
🫂 User
✅ Supported
☑️ Yes/no
✅ Supported

Things to Keep in Mind

Must enable data API Bubble requires the Data API to be enabled for syncing to work. Follow the instructions below to enable it.
  1. 1.
    Go to Settings > API
  2. 2.
    Check the box for "Enable Data API"
  3. 3.
    Check the box for all tables you plan to sync
The email field for User "things" is read-only Bubble has a special data table called User that they treat differently than other tables. You can therefore sync all fields out of the User table in Bubble, but can't sync data in to certain fields such as the email field.

Bubble x Airtable

Use Airtable as a database for your Bubble app without running into API limits/performance issues (as is common with the Airtable plugin).

Bubble x Postgres

Make your Bubble app scale forever by syncing your Bubble data to a Postgres database.