How to Create Products & Variants

Guide to creating e-comm products in Webflow from other apps (like Airtable)

Creating Products


  1. Make sure to map a linked record field between the Products table and the Variants table

  2. Make sure to map an "Initial Variant - Price" field in your Products table

  3. Make sure that "Initial Variant - Price" field has a value

Note! Due to a limitation in Webflow's API, products created in Airtable will sync as "staged for publish" rather than "published".

You will need to republish Webflow (or each product individually) for them to appear on your live site.

Detailed Explanation

To create a new product, Webflow requires that you create the first variant at the same time. Most of the fields in the variant can be supplied later, but the price must be set immediately by providing a value to the "Initial Variant - Price" field.

Tip! Many other variant properties can also be set when a product is first created by mapping the other "Initial Variant" fields.

See video below (starting at 4:47) for an overview of creating products with initial variants.

Creating Variants

Currently, Whalesync does not support creating variants for a product.

If you need to create variants for a product, you can create them in the Webflow E-Comm UI and they will sync back into your other connected app.

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