Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

How to use Whalesync's WordPress connector with ACF

Whalesync supports syncing Custom Post Types and Custom Fields with ACF 🚀.

Using ACF Custom Fields

To use ACF Custom Fields, you'll need to toggle the setting "show in REST API" on for each Field Group you want to use:

Supported Field Types


👤 Text

✅ Supported

🔽 Text Area

✅ Supported

☑️ Number

✅ Supported

🗃️ Range

✅ Supported

✉️ Email

✅ Supported


✅ Supported

🖼️ Password

✅ Supported

🖼️ Image

✅ Supported

👤 Author

✅ Supported

How to Sync Image Fields

See 👇

pageHow to sync images

How to Sync Author Fields

Similar to Images, WordPress treats "Users" as a separate entity, so special steps need to be taken:

  1. In WordPress, go to your ACF custom field for Authors

  2. In the field name add "_fk_users" at the end

  3. In Airtable, make the field a linked record to the Users table

  4. Map the fields in Whalesync

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