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Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

How to use Whalesync's WordPress connector with ACF
Whalesync supports syncing Custom Post Types and Custom Fields with ACF

Using ACF Custom Fields

To use ACF Custom Fields, you'll need to toggle the setting "show in REST API" on for each Field Group you want to use:

Supported Field Types

👤 Text
✅ Supported
🔽 Text Area
✅ Supported
☑️ Number
✅ Supported
🗃️ Range
✅ Supported
✉️ Email
✅ Supported
✅ Supported
🖼️ Password
✅ Supported
🖼️ Image
✅ Supported
👤 Author
✅ Supported

How to Sync Image Fields


How to Sync Author Fields

Similar to Images, WordPress treats "Users" as a separate entity, so special steps need to be taken:
  1. 1.
    In WordPress, go to your ACF custom field for Authors
  2. 2.
    In the field name add "_fk_users" at the end
  3. 3.
    In Airtable, make the field a linked record to the Users table
  4. 4.
    Map the fields in Whalesync
Example of adding "fk_users" in WordPress