Quick Start Guide: WF E-Comm

Tips to help you get started syncing Webflow E-Comm

1) Start with our template

If syncing Webflow E-Comm with Airtable, we highly recommend starting with our Airtable template:
Click "Copy base" on the bottom right

2) (If not using the template) Make sure to add important tables

You should have at least these five tables:
The Variants table is necessary even if your products don't have variants
Every product in Webflow has a "variant" even though Webflow doesn't show it. The Variant record of a Product stores important product information like price.
Example where a Webflow product doesn't "have variants" but really does under the hood

3) (If not using the template) Make sure to add an "Initial Variant - Price"

You will need to have an "Initial Variant - Price" field in your Products table.
See the below doc to understand why this field is necessary:

4) Read the 'Things to Keep in Mind'

The 'Things to Keep in Mind' section of the doc below walks through concepts that are important to Webflow E-Commerce.

5) Join our Slack channel

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! We love to help