Pick a time in the past and rewind all sync change

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About Rewind

  • Rewind lets you pick a previous point in time and rewind all the sync changes that have happened since that moment.

  • With Rewind, you have added peace of mind, knowing that you can effectively undo changes in your connected apps.

How it Works

  1. Choose the app you want to rewind (e.g. Airtable)

  2. Choose the time you want to rewind to (e.g. 1 hour ago)

  3. Preview rewind (see what data will change if you initiate)

  4. Initiate rewind (Whalesync will make changes 1 by 1 to rewind your data to the state at the chosen time)


Rewind is not a backup system

It has limitations (see FAQ) and shouldn’t be used as a replacement for backups.

Rewinding overwrites new changes Rewinding an app will overwrite any changes that occurred in mapped tables since the chosen rewind time.


Can I preview the changes Whalesync will make before initiating a rewind?

Yes! You can view what the data in your app looked like at the time and the specific changes Whalesync will make before initiating.

How long does it take to rewind my tables?

Rewind can take anywhere from seconds to hours depending on how many changes Whalesync needs to make.

Whalesync makes changes one at a time, so you will be able to see its progress in real time as the rewind is underway.

Will syncing still work after a rewind?

While a rewind is in progress, normal syncing will be paused for your base.

After a rewind is complete, you will be able to turn your base back on and resume syncing.

Be aware! Turning sync back on after a rewind will sync changes made during the rewind to your other connected app.

If I rewind one of my apps, does it impact the data in the other?

A rewind only impacts the app you’ve chosen to rewind. For example, imagine:

  • You have a Whalesync base that syncs Airtable and Webflow and

  • You choose to rewind Airtable

In this scenario, Webflow would not be impacted by the rewind.

BUT, if you turn sync back on after a rewind, Whalesync will sync those updates. In the example above, turning sync back on after rewinding Airtable would impact Webflow.

Will changes that I’ve made to my data be overwritten if I rewind?

Rewind returns the data in your app to its state at a specific point in time. Any changes that were made since that time (whether by Whalesync or otherwise) will be overwritten.

Will everything in my app be impacted by the rewind?

No. Whalesync only keeps track of tables that are mapped in Whalesync. Rewinding and app will only rewind mapped tables. This is one of the reasons why Rewind is not a substitute for backups.

What happens if I didn’t map all the fields for a record?

Whalesync tries to keep track of all fields in a mapped table whether all the fields are mapped or not.

If you initiate a Rewind, Whalesync will attempt to rewind all the fields for that record even if those fields were not mapped.

Will Whalesync always be able to successfully rewind the data in all of my fields?

No. Whalesync will always try, but there are certain field types where Rewind cannot be applied.

For example, Rewind will not work on read-only fields such as formula fields. Fields that are not supported by Rewind can vary by app.

Can I rely on Rewind as a backup service for my app?

No. We do not recommend relying on Rewind as a backup service for your apps. Rewind has important limitations such as:

  • Rewind cannot be applied to certain fields (e.g. read-only fields)

  • Whalesync can only rewind tables that were previously mapped in Whalesync

Is Rewind available on my plan?

Rewind is available on Business plans and above. See our pricing page to check if your plan supports Rewind.

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