Sync Airtable & Notion

Create a real-time, two-way sync between Notion and Airtable.

Video Tutorial

Step-by Step Guide

1. Start with a Notion database

2. Set up an Airtable base with the same fields

3. Go to the Whalesync Dashboard, then click on Create New Base

  • Go back to your Airtable base and click the “Share” button in the top right.

  • Click “Share publicly”.

  • Then toggle "Enable shared base link (read-only)".

  • Finally, click the base sharing link to copy it.

  • Paste it into Whalesync.

  • Click Authorize

5. Grant access to your Airtable base with Oauth

  • Click add a base

  • Choose the Airtable base you want to sync

  • Grant Access

  • Save connection and continue to mapping page

6. Authorize Notion

7. Click on Select pages

8. Click on Allow access

9. Map your Airtable tables to your Notion tables, then click Continue

10. Map your Airtable fields to your Notion fields, then click Complete Setup

11. Toggle your base on to turn on syncing

12. Click on TURN SYNCING ON

13. Go to Airtable, see all your records synced and celebrate 🎉

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