Reference fields

Support for multi-reference fields (aka linked records) out-of-the-box

What are reference fields?

When setting up a database, it's incredibly powerful to relate data across tables. Fields that enable these cross-table relations are typically called "foreign keys". In the no-code world, each app has coined its own term for this:

How to sync reference fields with Whalesync

You must map compatible reference fields. For example Airtable "linked records" must be mapped to Webflow "reference fields" in order for syncing to work.

One of Whalesync's most popular features is the ability to sync reference fields out of the box. This means you can easily sync Airtable linked records with Webflow multi-reference fields ✨.

When syncing reference fields you must also sync the table that is being referenced

The key thing to keep in mind is that you must also sync the table that is being referenced in the reference field.

Let's look at a Webflow example. Imagine you have a Blog Posts collection with a multi-reference field to an Authors collection.

In order for that Authors field to sync, you must make sure to map the Authors collection in Whalesync as well.

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