Frequently asked questions

Who is behind Whalesync?

We're a team of builders, developers, and no-coders committed to making data syncing more accessible. Our teammates bring experience from companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. We're backed by some of the no-code data world's best investors.

Will Webflow records be live after a sync?

Yes. Webflow records will be Published by default when synced from Airtable.

How do I create a slug field in Airtable?

In Airtable you can use a Single Line Text Field if you’d like to enter slugs yourself or a Formula field to have slugs generated automatically.
We recommend using the following formula to ensure slugs have the correct format.
LOWER(REGEX_REPLACE(REGEX_REPLACE(TRIM({Name}), "[^a-zA-Z0-9- ]", ""), " ", "-") & "-" & RIGHT(RECORD_ID(), 5))