Sync Airtable & Webflow

Quick walk-through to connect Airtable & Webflow

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Prep Airtable

  • Create a table/field in Airtable for every table/field in Webflow you want to sync
Example of matching fields in Webflow / Airtable
Note - you do not have to sync every table/field

2. Prep Webflow

  • Ensure that any collection you want to sync with Airtable is empty in Webflow.
  • Publish your site to all domains
3. Go to Whalesync and create a new base
  • Navigate to​
  • From the Dashboard, select “Create New Base”
4. Grab your Airtable API key
  • Go to your Airtable base and click the Account button in the top right
  • Then choose “Account”
  • From the Account overview page, copy the API key and paste it into Whalesync
5. Grab your Airtable base sharing link
  • Go back to your Airtable base and click the “Share” button in the top right
  • Click “Share publicly”
  • Then toggle "Enable shared base link (read-only)"
  • Finally, click the base sharing link to copy it
  • And paste it into Whalesync
6. Grab your Webflow API key
  • Click the Webflow button in the top left of the designer
  • Select “Project Settings”
  • Go to the Integrations tab
  • Scroll to the bottom and click “Generate new API token”
  • Copy that key and paste it into Whalesync
7. Map Airtable tables to Webflow collections
  • Using the dropdowns, map the tables in Airtable and collections in Webflow you want to sync
If the names of the tables match exactly across Airtable and Webflow, Whalesync will auto-map them for you
8. Map Airtable fields to Webflow fields
  • Similar to the last step, choose the individual fields you want to sync across Airtable and Webflow
For a complete list of supported fields, see our docs
9. Turn sync on
  • From the Whalesync dashboard, toggle sync on
  • Instantly see data start syncing in real-time
10. Check the Issues page for any errors
  • After setting up a sync, check to see if any records could not be synced
  • Once you resolve an error, it will disappear from the Issues page
Whalesync is the easiest way to connect Airtable and Webflow. You can set up a real-time, two-way sync between your favorite tools in a few minutes. Let us know if you have any questions at [email protected] 🙂 or get started here.