Airtable view sync

Sync specific views in Airtable

Airtable views are filtered subsets of the data in your Airtable tables. You can use Airtable views to filter, organize, and better manage your data.

With our Airtable view sync, you can choose which specific views you want to sync instead of syncing your entire table.

For example, imagine you're using Whalesync to sync blog content from Airtable to Webflow. Instead of syncing all your blog posts, you may only want to sync blog posts that are ready to be published. With this feature, you can create a "Publish" view in Airtable and only sync the blog posts in that "Publish" view to Webflow.

How to use Airtable view sync

When you're linking tables, choose the Airtable view you'd like to sync. If you don't want to sync a specific view, the dropdown defaults to syncing the entire table.


Webflow gives an error if you remove a record from a synced view and add it back To fix this, just republish your Webflow site and the error should go away.

If you link to a record, that record must be in a synced view Whalesync can only sync a linked record if it is being synced from it's original table.

These limitations can be a little tricky. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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