Definitions of the core concepts in Whalesync

Whalesync Base

A collection of all the information you need to create an individual sync between your apps and services.

  • In Context: Create a Whalesync Base, to set up a sync between apps like Airtable and Webflow.


A tool or service Whalesync integrates with to sync data into and out of it.

  • Examples: Airtable, Webflow, Notion (coming soon)

  • In Context: Use the Airtable and Webflow Connectors to sync data from your Airtable database to your Webflow frontend.


A group of records of the same type—like users, blog posts, resources, etc. Think of a single sheet in a spreadsheet.

  • Examples: Airtable table, Webflow Collection

  • In Context: Link a table in your Airtable Base to a Collection in your Webflow project to start syncing data between the two.


A data type - the equivalent of a spreadsheet column.

  • Examples: an Airtable column, a Webflow field

  • In Context: Map the single select field in Airtable to the option field in Webflow to create a sync between the two.

Whalesync Pioneers

Our Slack community(!), full of amazing creators innovating with no-code.

See our community page for more info ->

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