Sync Postgres & Airtable

Quick walk-through to connect Airtable and Postgres

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Click on Create New

2. Connect to Airtable

3. Click on Authorize

5. Add your Airtable base

6. Grant Acess to your base

7. Click on Save Connection

8. Connect to Postgres

9. Click on Authorize

10. Copy your connection string (example from Supabase, but works with any Postgres database)

11. Paste the connection string, replace the password placeholder, and click on Authorize

12. Click on Map Tables

13. Map the tables you want to sync, choose sync direction, and continue by clicking on Map Fields

*Note - all Postgres tables must have a primary key that is auto-generated. See Postgres docs for more info.

14. Map the fields you want to sync and continue by clicking on Save Base

15. Enable sync by toggling sync on

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