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Everything you need to know about our community
Whalesync Pioneers is a community of builders using Whalesync to create and operate without writing code. We hope you'll come build with us!
Our community consists of members from 16 countries world-wide

Community Mission

At Whalesync we're on a mission to make powerful data syncing accessible to everyone. We envision a world where creators are able to focus entirely on what they want to build, rather than worry about things like setting up a backend or configuring a data pipeline.
To help achieve this goal we started the Whalesync Pioneers community. Every step of the way we want to ensure the voice of our users is heard loud and clear. We believe the best way to do this is to engage directly and support those who share our vision of the future.
Every member of the Whalesync Pioneer community has direct access to and influence on the Whalesync team. More importantly, members have access to each other → the diverse group of builders using Whalesync to innovate. We're thrilled to be on this journey together and can't wait to see what we can create as a community!

Getting Started in the Community


👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Join a diverse group of innovative builders interested in no-code and data
Get early access to new features and a behind-the-scenes look into Whalesync
👥 Connect directly with the Whalesync team


#general - a good place to start! General conversation, news, and updates.
#i-have-an-issue - bug reports, issues, feature requests, or other thoughts... we're all ears!
#share-my-project - let everyone know what you're working on! We're excited to support you.


  • Bi-Weekly Update - we share the inside scoop in #general before sharing publicly.
  • Intros - say hi 👋 by posting an intro in #general! We'd all love to learn more about you.
  • Quick Responses - we take your time seriously → we do our best to get back to you ASAP.

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Hop in! We'd love for you to join our group of passionate creators.